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JWT Access Tokens for LTI2 Tools

Question asked by Aryan Ajdari on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by Aryan Ajdari

I was going through the process of creating a JWT access token to use for the subscriptions webhook API described in this link: ### JWT Access Tokens for LTI2 Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


I have signed the JWT but for the final step, I need the initial registration request sent from Canvas as a parameter named oauth2_access_token_url. 


According to the instructions, this can be retrieved when you enable the "Send Authorization URL in LTI2 Registration" flag under the account-level feature flags. 


I have gone through the Canvas admin guide and other resources online but have failed to find this flag. 


The closest I have gotten to this is the "LTI 2 Reregistration" flag which is already enabled.


Can someone please help answering where this flag can be enabled and where the URL gets sent to in order to create a JWT access token?