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How do I fetch canvas studio files using partner_auth api?

Question asked by Aishwarya Prabha on May 12, 2020

Hi, I like to integrate our canvas studio account with our application.

  1. How do I get canvas studio login along with canvas account? 
  2. I like to get canvas studio token using the api's. So, I'm using this --> API documentation

/partner_auth/canvas/login - Using this, I get 200. Because I logged in canvas account.

/partner_auth/canvas/handle_response - When I hit this api, I got 401 Canvas auth failed. How do I get the response from this? 

  • Where the code and state is generated in canvas studio? 
  • What is Why I need to use this as redirect_url?

Kindly give me the logic of canvas and canvas studio. I'm totally using api's to get the videos available in canvas studio.

Note: I couldn't get username password logic to generate token.