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Why are my students seeing N/A (F) in grading details?

Question asked by Libby Heinig on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by James Jones



I teach 7th grade and in remote learning we have moved to a COMPLETE/INCOMPLETE or pass/fail for this 4th quarter quarantine, where nothing is assigned points.  In most of my students' classes they look at their Grades in each course and at the top right it says Total: N/A.  For my class, it says N/A (F) and parents and students alike are freaking out.  Why does my class have an (F) after the N/A?  Our district administrator of Canvas says it is probably because I have an assignment with points associated with it, but I have gone through each assignment.  She also said she noticed that I have had a (F) there much of the year and she doesn't know why and is swamped with tech issues right now.  


Can someone from Canvas or the community advise?