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Anchor tags in HTML using tabs and return-type attribute page

Question asked by Christina Ballard on May 19, 2020

I have some pages that have lots of content so I have used HTML to create tabs. The problem I am having is that some tabs have links to additional pages (see The CRAAP test tab in screen shot below for example). On the additional pages I added a link to "Return to Information Literacy Presentation" -- the problem is that it returns to the very first tab. I have tried using anchor tags and div tags in the HTML and have not had any luck. Because we use an OER I do not have publisher add-ins and have had to create a lot of my own material. The tabs HTML works great to consolidate information, I just want to students to be able to return to the specific tab they were on when returning from the additional linked pages. I looked at the API Endpoint Attributes available in Canvas and there is not one for a page anchor or an exact line link.


Is there any other way to work around this issue (the previous & next buttons will not work because there are so many pages if they were in listed in the Module there would be never-ending scrolling - so the additionally linked pages are not in listed in the module and therefore do not have previous & next buttons).