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My question is in regards to how I can access the Common on Canvas ?

Question asked by Arezoo Miller on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by Sara Udelhofen

Yesterday, our transition specialist showed us that there are materials in regards to some of our courses ( assignments, Quizzes, and such already on Canvas ) that can be accessed by simply clicking on Common underneath the Inbox and then search.  For example, we looked at Pearl Harbor for my history course, and we found assignments, reading and quizzes already there. Therefore, I would be able to upload this into my own course and not have to waste time making this up from scratch. Today, as I looked at my canvas page I  could not locate Common on mine. Can you tell me where is that located?  Additionally, how else can we contact your support team? We were told we could have live chat 24/7 and connect through email. However, I don't know-how. Can you please clarify these questions.


Ms. Miller