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Discussions - create disable with Discussions - moderate enable

Question asked by Mathieu Pelletier on May 21, 2020
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Discussions - create Disable with Discussions - moderate Enable


At our institution we want to allow teachers to moderate discussions and to create announcements, but in an effort to attain a modicum of order in the discussions we want to disable the ability to create new discussions.  The existing assessment discussions are already instantiated when the course is created, and so as long as a teacher can use the announcements there should be little reason to create a new discussion.


Canvas' permissions in this space make very little practical sense.  The permission 'Discussions - create' doesn't really do anything unless it is paired with 'Discussions - moderate'.  Why is that?  Both permissions "Allows user to add discussions in the discussions page." Why put that in two different permissions? Based on the name, it would seem that disabling "Discussions - create" would... well, disable 'Discussions - create', but it doesn't.  Apparently, you have to also disable 'discussions - moderate', but there are things in there we DO want teachers to be able to do.  How does this make any earthly sense?


Is there another way to achieve this without resorting to hiding the button with Javascript or CSS?