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Calculated Max Value for Grades

Question asked by Kelly Spoon on May 21, 2020

I searched that the previous post on this wasn't asking the question I have, so my apologies if someone else has asked this specific thing before. 


I allow extra credit in each grade category in my course. However, I do not want any grade category to be allowed to exceed 100%. In BB, I managed to accomplish this by creating calculated average columns and then a separate max column with a standing 100% column. It was convoluted, but it worked. Now I have students constantly thinking that they have higher grades than they do (which is going to be an issue at the end of the semester). I've tried adding a fudge grade column for that category and manually adding negative points to bring each students score down to 100%, but it requires constant upkeep and is really annoying.  


Is there any way to work around this? I'd also love to be able to message students based on category grades rather than individual assignment grades, is that possible and I'm just slow?