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What is the easiest way to migrate question banks to item banks?

Question asked by Tracey Gould on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Erin Hallmark

Where is the group of questions stored in the New Quizzes when you migrate it?
I know, that probably isn't going to work, but I am just trying to find an easier way to create tests that are linked to item banks in New Quizzes. So I am testing out different ways of migrating and creating tests and item banks in New Quizzes. While testing, I found that if I put the questions in a group in the legacy quiz, then migrate that quiz to New Quizzes, it actually appears to have the group of questions within the test, yet as a question bank. But... there is not question bank, that I can find, associated with that migrated quiz. So where is that question bank stored? And please confirm for me that there is no way that this method will work. I am having a hard time giving up on it:) But that means that I will have to create a test out of the testbank for each bank that currently exists in one of the 300 courses we will be migrating, export each test individually, create an item bank in new quizzes, and upload the QTI file. That is a lot of work!