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Canvas Screen Pushed to the Left

Question asked by kenon rusnak on May 21, 2020

Good day all,


I am a new IT Helpdesk manager here at my school (Gulf Coast State College), and we have run into a curious problem.  I have a faculty user who, when they log into the GSCS instance of Canvas she gets a view that has the Canvas page content pushed over to the left of the screen, with the right half of the screen as a blank content.  We have tried the  "Ctrl + Scroll" technique to see if it was inadvertently changed, but the screen is already in the 100% ratio.  We even had her restart her device and there was no change.


The faculty user has also logged into her student Canvas login from a different school and Canvas displays normally there.  We checked to see if there was stray script or content causing it to push out so far but nothing was noticeably present.


Everything was fine yesterday, but today things are different.


Is anyone else having this problem?




Kenon Rusnak