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Master Template for all courses

Discussion created by Scott Groomes on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Ann Strickland

We are a small University and with the need to move all classes online I am being asked if we could push out a home page template created by one of our faculty to all existing courses in our Canvas instance for Fall 2020 (about 520 courses).  I am not a programmer and do not have one available to help (we don't even have a course designer or instructional technologist). I am one of the Windows systems admin for the college that also doubles as the admin for Canvas.
My three questions are:
1. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to automate the distribution of a master template (home page in our case) to all new and existing courses?
2. What is your opinion of using a standardized home page in a University setting?
3. Any best practices advice on creating a master template for mass distribution?


I ask question 3 because the template that I am being asked to try and automate to all courses seems to have some format issues on how it looks on different devices  (phones, laptop, desktop (wide screen monitor).


Thank you