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Bug: Canvas App submitting into wrong places

Question asked by Matthew On on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Matthew On

Hello, I have problems on the mobile app with submissions. Whenever I submit into an assignment, it shows I have successfully submitted on the app. However, later on when I check the assignment, the files end up submitted in another assignment in a completely different class. This has occurred twice, leading to two missing assignments which I believe not to be an error on my part. Whenever I check my user files in canvas -> submissions -> class, the submissions at the right time stamps shows up in the right class. However, again when I check certain assignments, the files end up submitted in other assignments in the wrong class (an assignment I have previously tried to turn in using the app). I am unsure what is going on, but I believe this is a canvas issue and bug. This keeps happening, and I am unsure how to fix this issue. 

Here are some screenshots: 

For instance, I can see that the files I have correctly submitted into the right class (files seen submitted yesterday), yet the files do not show up in the assignment, or any assignment in that class. Instead for that missing assignment, I see the files submitted for the assignment I meant to turn in for another class today. 


Does anyone else have this issue, if so, how would I fix it?