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Collect audit data by sis_course_id Powershell

Question asked by Stephen Taylor Champion on May 21, 2020

Hi everyone, 


I'm still wrapping my head around using powershell and APIs I've managed to set up this


for ( $i_p = 1 ; $i_p -lt 44 ; $i_p += 1 ){
$courses = ((Invoke-WebRequest -Headers $headers -Uri "$uri/accounts/1/courses?include[]=teachers&per_page=100&sort=sis_course_id&page=$i_p").content )| convertfrom-json | Where {($ -inotlike "*Template*" -and $ -inotlike "*Sandbox")}
Foreach ($course in $courses) {
$teachername = $course | Select-Object -ExpandProperty teachers

$coursesdata = $courses | Select-Object -Property Name, sis_course_id, id,
@{ label = "Teacher"; expression = {$teachername.display_name} }
$coursesdata | Format-List}


Which returns a nicely formatted list of Course names, SIS ID's, ID's and Teacher Names for me, but I want to add in an Audit api so I can tell if a course has been worked on.

I know I need to run 

 $c_audit = ((Invoke-WebRequest -Headers $headers -Uri  "$uri/audit/course/courses/$_.json").content | convertfrom-json)

     $n_audit = ($

But I can;t figure out how to get the $ to insert into the formula, or how to make it list the resultant event count in the same order I have collected the $coursedata.   


Does anyone have any ideas?