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While using the content migrations API to copy a particular module of 1 course to another, I end up copying the entire course.

Question asked by Raghav Arora on May 23, 2020

I tried to copy a particular module from 1 course to another. Here are the steps I followed:


1) Create a content migration:

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Token><course_id>/content_migrations \
-F 'migration_type=course_copy_importer' \
-F 'settings[source_course_id]=<id> \
-F 'selective_import=true'


This step worked fine


2) Get a list of all the modules from the source course:


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Token>'<course_id>/content_migrations/<migration_id>/selective_data


This step also worked fine, and gave a list of all the modules in the following fashion:


        "type": "context_modules",
        "title": "Recorded Versions of Live Sessions of Finance/Management",
        "migration_id": "<migration_id1>",
        "property": "copy[context_modules][id_g616c8b73ab33690adf98415d88e6462a]"
        "type": "context_modules",
        "title": "Evaluation",
        "migration_id": "<migration_id2>",
        "property": "copy[context_modules][id_gc2d5f54d2a81b4d03431a17191babb64]"
        "type": "context_modules",
        "title": "PS 1 - Diary",
        "migration_id": "<migration_id3>",
        "property": "copy[context_modules][id_g2fc65977b06059151409dcbb68866c84]"
        "type": "context_modules",
        "title": "Bloomberg Mnemonics",
        "migration_id": "<migration_id4>",
        "property": "copy[context_modules][id_gd5e759ae2437bb70c981d934149f570a]"


I want to import only the 4th module (Bloomberg Mnemonics). So, I use the update migrations request:


3) Update Migrations:


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Token>'<course_id>/content_migrations/<migration_id> \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--request PUT \
--data '{"copy[context_modules][<migration_id4>]":1}'


The result of the last command is that the entire source course gets copied to the destination course.


Which step did I do wrong?