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Students' Use of Canvas Mobile

Discussion created by Rob Gibson on Sep 13, 2015
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We recently sponsored a student tech fair on campus. The first time we've offered this event. At the Canvas booth we asked students how they access Canvas. Surprising results (albeit unscientific): At least 50% of the students who stopped by said they use Canvas Mobile exclusively or a significant amount of time; another 20% said they use Canvas daily, but not exclusively. Another 20% said they would use it more if their faculty used Canvas. Some faculty still do not use technology; another 5% weren't aware of the mobile app, but downloaded it on the spot; and another 5% did not have a device that supported Canvas Mobile. (Amazon device in one case...even a flip phone in another.)


Why did they like it? No need to log in. Easy to check upcoming assignments and events for the day.


Most popular features on Canvas Mobile? Notifications; calendar; To Do list.


Do they submit assignments through Canvas mobile? In some cases, yes. In most cases the student defaults to a laptop to compose the assignment.