Vallarie Sevilla

Check before uploading

Discussion created by Vallarie Sevilla on Jun 4, 2020


I teach Spanish at both a high school and a university in Virginia. Like many K-12 schools, ours is about to move tons of content online. I found the guide here and it was very useful.

I am very concerned about the hours that teachers will put into preparing, creating, and uploading documents that are not accessibility compliant and will have to be changed or removed later. Showing them how to do a few checks over their documents before uploading will save so much time in the long run. 

I made a video in which I invite viewers to join me as I modify an old document for accessibility. Checking for Accessibility in Word

I also made a Quick Tips sheet (very basic - designed for teachers new to digital accessibility guidelines). Quick Tips

Then I blogged it all in a sort of a pick-your-size training. Before you upload that doc! 

Just thought I would offer these to the community as a whole. From what I have seen, the K-12 districts that are asking teachers to upload docs are not offering this information beforehand.

Are others seeing this as well?