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Quiz problem: "Answer 2 out of 3 questions"

Question asked by Tim Breitbarth on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by James Jones

Would it be possible to set-up the following quiz (or, possibly, other assessment format in Canvas) and not run into problems with marking/point allocation?


Students are given N number of questions randomly drawn from a question pool, but are supposed to only answer N-x of those questions (e.g. "Answer TWO of the following three questions. All answers are 10 points.").


The issue is that while it is possible to set-up the above scenario, this appears to unavoidably cause problems in the marking stage. With all answers worth a certain number of points, there appears to be no setting for Canvas to "ignore" the question students have chosen not to answer.


E.g. a student scores 8/10 for Q1, 2/10 for Q2, and does not answer Q3. Without a magic setting that I am not yet aware of (neither do our local experts), Canvas calculates it as 10/30 (33%) while it should be 10/20 (50%). 


Any ideas and solutions appreciated. Thank you.