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Can we build and distribute canvas internal plugins?

Question asked by Zia Ul Rehman on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Zia Ul Rehman

Is there some official way to build Canvas's internal plugins? By internal plugins I mean plugins which will hook directly into canvas's codebase, and hence will have whole lot more power. Like some official plugins provided by canvas which i believe reside here: canvas-lms/gems/plugins at master · instructure/canvas-lms · GitHub 


We are building some plugins for one of our not-for-profit products, and we would like it to do some functionalities in canvas which are not possible with APIs and LTI. We have built one such plugin for moodle, moodle allows for such plug-gable plugins. It doesn't seem so Canvas allows such plugins, but i still wanted to confirm what are our options(if any).


NOTE: We are not building this plugin for internal use, we have to distribute it, so it can't be that all of our users go in their code-base and manually add these plugins, we are looking for some practical way of distributing such plugins, like LTI apps are distributed.