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Any possible way to automate LTI tool installation?

Question asked by Zia Ul Rehman on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Zia Ul Rehman

We are trying to build a seemless way to use our plugins/apps in canvas(among other LMS systems), we have successfully achieved this in Moodle, and we apparently it does not seem possible in canvas to automate this flow. The flow we want is something like:

  1. User is on our external webapp ( or anything)
  2. User want to use some of our content in his LMS system, he clicks on the option, we show him simplest possible instructions to install our plugin in his LMS system
  3. Next step, installing plugin, Ideally should be as simple as possible, in Moodle we achieved this by building its internal plugin, which when added, is able to automatically install an LTI app with keys and everything. And also that plugin generates an API key and sends it to our server for further usage as well.

We want something similar to step 3 in canvas.


I know this does not seem possible in Canvas and I can understand why, but I am posting in a hope to get as near to our goal as possible. As much reduction in user steps involved in installing an LTI plugin and generating an API key is our objective.


Any insights/help will be great. Thanks.