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Inconsistent Loading Problems with new RCE and the Apps tool

Question asked by Dominic Slauson on Jul 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by David Sheil

Hello everyone,


Out institution moved to the new rich content editor at the end of May.  Since then, we have gotten reports from a number of faculty about a problem with the Apps tool in the new editor.  Specifically, when users click into the Apps tool and then click an app to use, the box that pops up appears to either be stuck loading or is simply blank.  We have most often seen this problem when attempting to embed Canvas Studio videos, but that is likely because that is the tool our faculty use most.  We have had reports of the same problem happening when using the Google LTI in the Apps tool as well.  Has anyone else reported seeing this problem?  I have a screen capture below that demonstrates what the problem looks like.  You will see that I make numerous attempts and refreshes before it finally works.



I have only seen the problem happen in Chrome so far, but I have not been able to test in other browsers much.  Refreshing the browsers seems to help sometimes, but not always.  I cannot reproduce the problem on demand; it appears to be very inconsistent.  One of my users reported that going incognito in Chrome fixed the problem, which leads me to believe it is some kind of caching issue, but that is just a theory.  In the example from the video, I am on my personal PC running Windows 10 and both Windows and Chrome are fully up to date.


I should also note that although the screen capture shows me emulating a user, I have seen this problem occur plenty of times when not emulating, so that is not the cause.


I would appreciate any input that can be provided, either on someone else who has seen this problem or ideas on potential solutions. 


Thanks much!