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Why can we not import quizzes from other sources into new quizzes?

Question asked by Janine Kube on Jul 20, 2020

Our school uses Power School and we grade on percentages, not points.  So, I assume if I want to synch canvas with Power School, then the grades in Canvas also need to be in percentages.  


I am importing quizzes from Problem Attic into Canvas and am able to so so, as long as I don't use the New Quiz feature.  However, the grade given to the student is in points.  


Only the New Quiz feature allows you to have quiz grades show up in Canvas as percentages.  


I really don't care if it is still in points in Canvas, but when I sync it to Problem Attic, how will that work?  Will I need to go in and change every grade manually in Problem Attic?  Will it even sync?


It is summer time, and I cannot access our Power School to see how this works out with syncing to Problem Attic. 


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.