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How to use Complete One assignment in modules?

Question asked by Cindy Kraus on Jul 21, 2020

I'm exploring how checking 'complete one of the following assignments' in module requirements works. First, how is the gradebook managed?  Are the assignments given to 'everyone'?  What happens to the assignments not completed?  If the assignments are then synced to our SIS, will students be exempt from assignments not completed?  Second, what do students see on their calendar?  Do they see every option?  Once they complete the one, do the other options disappear or will students continue to see them and be confused about whether they need to complete more of the options?

We are moving to personalized learning and the above is one option to support student choice.  Mastery paths will not sync to our SIS.  This may be another option but not if students are confused or the gradebook sync fails to account for the choice.