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When creating a quiz from modules menu why is a classic quiz only made?

Question asked by Samuel Fritz on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by Stephen Taylor

If I am building a module I can create assignments, pages, discussions, etc from the module itself.  Currently, when I select Quiz and (New Quiz), I only am able to create a Classic Quiz regardless of my preference settings.  In other words, our New Quizzes is active and I have selected "remember for this course" yet still only get a Classic Quiz.  Since I cannot migrate from the module tab, this creates much more work in the long run.  Currently, our teachers are coached to create module components from the module tab to allow them to build the work as they would in a F2F classroom plan.  Is this a fixable issue, or just one that will exist until Classic Quizzes is gone?