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Mute "need grading" from to do list

Question asked by Marina Kounkel on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

I am a type of a person who cannot handle having any unread emails - the red circle showing unread messages bothers me to no end, being all read and full of itself... Similarly, when I see an assignment marked as "need grading" I cannot stop myself from going and grading it and writing comments (while the assignment is muted) just to make this notification disappear, even though it is nowhere near the due date and students can still resubmit a dozen of times and correct things. This fundamentally makes me look at all the assignments twice - before and after the due date, which wastes a lot of time and nerves.


Is it possible to prevent Canvas from putting grading on the to do list until the assignment's due date?