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Course Copy: group settings

Question asked by Jamie Sipe on Sep 16, 2015
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We have some courses that require group work. It's ideal to have the templates with Group Sets that copy over. Also, to have the assignment with a group submission setting enabled copy over.


Currently, Group Sets in a template do not copy over, instead another Group Set (with a different name) is create. It is unknown if the Group Set will work.

The assignment that was set as a group assignment kept the setting through a course copy, however it did not keep the link to the Group Set (since the group set did not copy over).


Since the settings were not working when courses were copied, Instructors must set up their Group Set and Groups as part of their pre-term setup. Since the assignments do not have the group assignment enabled, students are instructed to have one students in their group submit the assignment. This requires Instructors to grade one submission and then enter grades in the other student's cell of the gradebook. The other students do not see anything from mark-up tools or comments if Instructors wanted to use those features.


I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if there is a work-around. Or even if this is an issue that Canvas could looks at to correct? Thanks!


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