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Unpublished content after a course import

Question asked by TILT Canvas Support on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by TILT Canvas Support

I had a weird situation pop up recently with one of my instructors and wanted to check if anyone else had experienced something similar. The course was built in a shell specifically for course development and in this shell all of the content was published. Each module had a unique date set for its release. After we finished building the course, we imported the development shell into the shell we were using for actually delivering the course. After the course had been live for a few weeks, I got an email from the instructor saying that the modules weren't becoming visible to students at the times they were supposed to. I went into the course and realized that the problem was that none of the content or modules in the course were published. I asked the instructor if he had done anything to unpublish the content, but he didn't. So far this is the only course where I've had this problem, so really I'm just trying to figure out what happened. Has this happened to anyone else?