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Add Group label and sort option for Gradebook

Question asked by Paul H. White on Sep 18, 2015
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I have looked but not found an answer for this question/suggestion. For one of my courses, I have lab sections and a primary lecture section. On Canvas, I had to keep the lab sections separated from the lecture section (not "cross-listing" them) so that we can do different things with the lab sections for assignments, syllabi, etc. They will have grades there but the overall grade for the class is listed (and weighted) only on the lecture section, as there are other assignments outside of the lab that are due for the course. Right now, my grad instructors have to record the grades in two places (lab section & lecture section) for the same assignment. To make things easier for them, I created groups based on the lab sections on the lecture section Canvas page thinking that we may be able to "sort" the lecture Gradebook by group & name (similar to when I have a cross-listed course with different sections in them and show only certain sections).


With that as background, the question/suggestion: Is there a way to have group labels added to the Gradebook and allow for sorting based on the label (or show only X group(s) as a semi-sort)? If not possible, would a workaround be to create "fake" sections within the lecture section and add the students to them based on the lab sections (similar to putting them in groups)?