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storage problem: running out of space with a video heavy course on a free Canvas account

Question asked by siglinde on Sep 21, 2015
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I am using Canvas for a sign language (m)OOC - therefore heavily relying on video resources.

I started this non-profit project as part of my PhD research, without any external founding and I am not part of a school/university that uses Canvas on institutional level.

=> Since the E-SCALE project is not an university or school that could subscribe to a Canvas plan, is there no other way than to work with "free-for-teachers" accounts with 250Mo size limit and 500MB course file storage limit?


I have been using the FFT accounts since 2014 and I am fully satisfied with the possibilities given - but if the E-SCALE (m)OOC is to be taking place on Canvas, with a main part of the interactions and the course materials, instructions, etc. provided in sign language videos, we will very soon reach the course size limit of 250Mo. I am already hosting as much videos as possible outside (on youtube mainly), but this is not always possible (for example in multiple choice quiz answers the embedding of external videos does not work and switching to another tab to see each video increases error rates and makes the whole process much longer). Moreover a lot of video materials is added during the course by the students themselves and the idea to switch from Moodle to Canvas was actually to be able to make use of the native video recorder tool instead of having the students lose a lot of time and energy in recording externally, uploading to a separate platform and paste a link...


Has anyone here an idea how to deal with this problem? (I already wrote to the Canvas support team, but their only suggestion was that I should open several FFT user accounts and split my course over them...)


p.s.: I wonder if I should try to get the (m)OOC hosted on the platform instead of - does this change anything in terms of storage space (and handling of the course analytics, which I would also need to download just once at the end of the (m)OOC - but this is another feature that will not be available in Canvas Data for FFT accounts, unfortunately...)?