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Speedgrader, submit comment button not working properly?

Question asked by Melinda Yerdon on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

I got this from an instructor today:


I have notice this issue (intermittently) since Monday.  I do not always have this issue and do not always see it in every class.

Notice in image instead of the icon for attaching a file or media comment it says “Submit Comment”. (image is attached)


If you already type something in the Add a Comment box and click on the “submit Comment” next to attach (which is the file attachment):

The Comment you type will be submitted and the File Browse window will pop up.  So your comment is submitted with nothing attached.  Very embarrassing when you have typed See attached document/rubric and it submits with nothing attached



However, If you click the “Submit Comment button with NOTHING typed in the Add a Comment box:  The File Browse window will pop up.  You can attach the file as normal and then type in a comment in “Add a Comment” and then press the Blue “Submit Comment” button. 



The key is do NOT type anything in Add a Comment until you have first attached any files or media files.