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Showing an Assignment Grade as a Percentage

Question asked by Ginner Hudson on Sep 17, 2015
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Original Subject Line: How does an instructor enter the points an assignment is worth, but show the grade on that assignment as a percentage?


I am the Canvas administrator and an instructor. Other instructors have asked me questions about the grading scheme they want to use, but I am unable to answer in part because I do my grades in a different way from what they appear to be wanting to do. What they want to do is to say that an assignment is worth 5 points. The student gets full credit, and the instructor enters 100. They want to say to the student: "The assignment is worth 5 points, and you got 100%," so they mark "display as percentage." When they do that, Canvas calculates the percentage as 100/5 and that times 100 to display the percentage. What else can they do?


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