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How to assign fractional grades in Quizzes

Question asked by John P Mullen on Sep 19, 2015

It appears that that grading options were changed in Canvas quizzes last night. Yesterday, I could assign a score of 1.5 points to an answer, but today I can only assign whole numbers of points. The restriction also applies to fudge points. This is a very big problem because some students were graded under the old system and I will need to grade others under this new system, which would require me to change my grading scheme.


This also raises concerns on the way some questions will be automatically graded. For example, if a four-item matching question is worth two points, what will be the student's score if he or she gets three of the four answers correct. Under the previous scheme it would be 1.5 points, but according to the grading options I now have, 1.5 points is not a valid score.


I could find no option to select or not select this restriction on scores. Is anyone aware of a way to turn it off?