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Creating a Canvas/Slack integration

Question asked by Samuel Dickerman on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by Moses Wolfenstein

Hi Everyone:


I'm a high school Social Studies teacher looking to work on a side project.  We have a program called "Tutorial" which is a sort of structured study hall with about 10 students and 2 teachers.  I really like Slack as a communication platform and I would like to develop an integration that would post a student's Canvas information to a Slack channel that the tutorial teacher could monitor.  For example, past grades or upcoming assignments.


Is there a way to set up Canvas to push that data over to Slack automatically?  Or do I need to make cron jobs on some sort of middleware to hit the API and then push the data over to Slack via the Slack API?


I think I can build the latter option (using ColdFusion believe it or not - I'm an old dog from the .com days) but I'm unsure about building something more tightly integrated with Canvas.


Thanks for any ideas!


Sam Dickerman

Brookline High School

Brookline, MA USA