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Media recording attempt: "nothing happens"

Question asked by Hugh McNally on Sep 21, 2015
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We are getting infrequent but consistent reports from students who attempt to either record video, or upload a pre-produced file, that "nothing happens" when the "Record / Upload Media" button is pushed.  To be clear, it's this...


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.53.37 am.png

By "nothing happens," we understand this exactly as described.  This doesn't mean "my camera is broken," "I don't have a camera or microphone," "I am being asked to allow access to my camera/mic from Flash," "I don't understand how to upload a file based on the pop-in dialog," or any other permutation.  Our students mean, exactly, "nothing happens."


This appears to be happening on a bewildering array of installed platforms and browsers, and we are yet to see a pattern between Windows / Mac / Chrome / Safari / Firefox / IE in their many permutations, cookie settings, installed extensions, anti-malware software, etc..


This is becoming a very serious problem for us as some of our online courses are requiring fairly high-stakes video submissions that students cannot do.  In desperation, they are resorting to file uploads, YouTube submissions, etc.... and those are from the technically savvy.  Students who don't have these skills are giving up, and we're getting pushback from faculty about using this technique to teach, and pushback on the Canvas platform in general.


Please note: some else here has run into this and come up with their own workaround (; I have tried this unsuccessfully--but then again, I am unable to replicate the problem myself.


We need a workaround, or, better, a solution, to this problem as soon as possible.  If anyone out there has one (aside from the "right click the record button" workaround), we're all ears.