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Help with networking and storage problem

Discussion created by Joshua Cornell on Sep 21, 2015
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Tomorrow the CIO of a small Architecture firm of about 18 employees wants me to replace their antiquated server hardware and software. They are currently running Server 2000 on a Dell Precision 490.  It is currently used mainly for storing electronic copies of drawings. There is also a separate computer used to host the database files for the drawing software. This machine is running a version of Linux and can be virtualized.


Each user has a desktop PC that was recently purchased and are all running Windows 8.1 Professional. The firm would like to have a central location to manage users accounts, file shares and printers. There are 2 monochrome printers and 4 plotters in use in the office. The current size of the drive used for sharing drawings is 2 TB and almost full. Only the current years drawings are on the server. They usually fill the drive once per year. They have had to transfer some drawings in the past to an external 2 TB hard drive to make space for new drawings. There is currently no back up system in place.


The firm would like a quote for hardware and software.


Budget: $8,500


I need to find a server that will replace the current hardware.

Find a Server that will meet the needs of the client in terms of storage for the next 5 years.

Make sure the hardware specs are met for the software proposed.

They would like AD, File and printer sharing, a large amount of storage space, and they may need a way to backup the server.


I need to write a quote for the hardware and software that should include the hardware, software version and support Hyper-V. Storage is key.


What drive and server configuration would you recommend?