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How do I move old courses/groups into the Past Enrollment section?

Question asked by on Sep 23, 2015
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I currently have 16 old courses (some published, some unpublished) and 1 old group that are filling up the My Courses section. I have already starred my relevant and current courses/groups in the View All/Customize section, however I want to get rid of the old courses and groups that are still filling up the My Courses section once I click on the View All/Customize button. I am wondering if there is a way to move the older courses (from past semesters) to the Past Enrollment section of that page. I am not sure why those older courses are even still in there... especially the unpublished ones from past semesters. This is a problem for me and quite frustrating because I have extra/older courses (obviously only the published ones) that are taking up space in my Calendar and my Grades sections. The only courses/groups that I would like to have in those sections (and the My Courses) section are the four courses I have starred and the group that is relevant to this semester. In the following pictures, I have put black boxes around the courses that I am currently enrolled in and using on a daily basis. The others are just the extras that I am trying to get rid of. If someone could please help me, that would be much appreciated! I feel as if I have tried everything!

My Courses and Groups.pngMy Grades.png

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