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How should I share, grade, and have open reviews on "Team" assignments?

Question asked by Jeffrey J Weimer on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

I supervise a lab course. Students work in Teams (of two or more). After each lab session, the Team is required to submit a photocopy of their lab notebook pages from that session.




I want to address two needs here foremost. One is to have the submitted copies available for ALL Team Members regardless of which Team Member posts the copy. The other is to assign the grade given to the submission to ALL students in the Team (again regardless of which Team Member posts the copy).


Do I understand correctly that this is the default behavior for Groups and settings for assignments as a Group assignment? IOW, will I get what I want above when I do this ...


* Set up the Groups (called Teams in my case)

* Assign students to their respective Teams (in my case -- two students per Team with five Teams A - E)

* Set up an Assignment "dropbox" for the submission

* Set the assignment to be a Group Assignment


--> One student submits the required copy for his/her Team


--> All students in the Team can see the submission?

--> All students in the  Team get the same grade on the submission?


Some clarification would be appreciated when my understanding here is misplaced or wrong.




I would also like to share the review of the posted content without the grades. Specifically, I would like students to have a chance to see what their peers have done in their lab notebooks as a way to learn and improve their own methods. I certainly do not want to share the grades!!!


Do I have to create a separate assignment to make this happen? IOW, do students have to submit their copy to a separate "public" dropbox in addition to the first "team graded" dropbox? Recommendations would be appreciated.