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Uploading a html word document and linking associated images

Question asked by Alistair Douglas on Sep 25, 2015
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I'm trying to upload a long word document (data book) to a canvas wiki-type page for students to be able to add / modify relevant content.


When you save a word doc as a html file you get a folder of associated content, images etc. In the HTML this is linked for example as:


<v:imagedata src="Third%20year%20DB_files/image002.png" o:title=""



When you upload a file to canvas the img source is saved under /courses/6524/files/2063109/preview even when you name the folder "Third year DB_files".


How can I save the file in the same folder as the HTML page? There are about 400 images so going through and changing the source for each file isn't really an option


Any idea's / help would be appreciated,