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Question asked by Gregory Wells on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Matt Hanes

Recently we have taken two independent sections of a course and combined them into one while maintaining the two sections from an school administration perspective. This has the advantage for the instructor to have one instructor shell to go to for grading, communicating and discussions.  However, from a student perspective the cross-listing has now doubled the number of postings for a discussion question response and students now see all postings from both sections of the course.  In our specific example that means an initial posting of forty students plus the responses all in one long and scrolling discussion forum.  The question is whether this is the appropriate functionality when a course is cross-listed and if so, is there an option to separate the two sections and prevent the massive discussion forum.  The workaround at this point is to create groups to lessen the volume of postings. 


Any thoughts out there?


Greg Wells

Instructional Designer

Colorado State University