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Google Spreadsheet to Help Manage  special user accounts

Question asked by Chris Long on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by James Jones

Hi All,


We occasionally have tutors and instructional aides that need Canvas accounts in our instance but they are not in our SIS so our normal account creation process does not work. And there is a high turnover in these positions so I need to use a spreadsheet to track things.


What, I'd like to do is generate an API access token in Canvas and use it in conjunction with a Google Spreadsheet AddOn/script that I could run and it would create the accounts from the sheet.


I think this is possible, I'm just not sure how to code the script yet.


If anyone has an example or would like to team up with me on this project, I'd appreciate it. In the spreadsheet I am using now, I also use the autocrat script to send the supervisors and new users an email with an Google Doc of their account information along with some help tips.


Looking forward to getting this going!