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Question asked by Cheryl Chapman Champion on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Daniel O'Keefe

Hi there!

Our awesome Canvas community was very helpful to verify that at the moment, the way to share a module, was to share it to Commons. That worked when I imported the first one. Now, I'm trying to set up a template course with 16 modules, with all the same 'layout/structure' just changing the 'module' number. When I imported the module named Module 0X - Title Goes Here; I was able to rename the modules from Module 0X to Module 01. When I imported the 0X module again, it 'wiped' out the one I just edited. Does that make sense?


Example: Module 0X - Title Goes Here was renamed Module 01 - Title Goes Here, and then I renamed each of the pages to include the number (01).

Each module contains: 4 Text Headers with content, assignment, discussion, quiz, exam and a summary pages.


It would be SO cool to 'right click' on a module 'tab' and duplicate the WHOLE module at one dream!


Thanks in advance!

Cheryl C