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Creating SubAccounts

Question asked by Robert Callicotte on Sep 24, 2015
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I'm using C#. I have successfully created subAccounts for AccountAdmins and then a group we are using in Park University for Math. The AccountAdmins continues to work, but the Math subAccount is now having an issue.


  • I created the subAccounts and everything worked fine last week
  • Some changes were made to account permissions on our Canvas admins over the end of last week and the weekend
    • The accounts are created by reading from a list of IDs on our side and POSTing the subAccounts in Canvas on a daily basis, based upon this dynamic list of IDs
  • Nothing worked this morning...but I used CURL to create a subAccount for my ID and now the program is working - I am now able to POST subAccounts (magically)


This is too much voodoo. If someone has seen a general problem out there in the last week, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm concerned some changes occurred on the Canvas side, which are hidden. Any ideas?