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Multiple grading periods & grade export - incomplete?

Question asked by Ms. E. Keefe on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Joe Allen

Has anyone tried to export grades while using the multiple grading periods? We have 2.5 week progress checks, so we have multiple grading periods set. One just passed, and a teacher tried to export her grades while she is showing the MP1PC1 grading period (the one that just passed). Instead, it exports the current grading period (MP1PC2). Ideas? Thoughts?




Comments from Instructure.

The first phase, as mentioned by Christi Wruck is now complete.  You can find more information in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-11-21).

We are currently working on adding the ability to export whichever grading period you currently have loaded in the browser. I expect this addition to be released in one of our next two releases and will update you all as soon as we know when it will definitively be released.

We're starting with the Teacher level. I'm working on figuring out how to get the admin level reports updated as it's not something normally under our per view.