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Disabling a Teacher's Access to Canvas

Question asked by Kathy Barnes on Sep 25, 2015
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Original Subject Line: How do you disable a teacher's access within one account of Canvas?


I have a teacher that needs to lose access to our account within Canvas. We need to temporarily prevent them from logging into our account of Canvas.


Call it "disabling" them or making them "unavailable" but whatever you call it - I want to prevent their access.


I am not finding information on how to stop their access with the potential of reinstating them and giving them access to all courses again.


By the way, I don't want to delete them because of our need to potentially "reinstate" them in all their courses.


Lastly, I prefer not constructing a CVS file and having to locate the teachers SIS ID to accomplish this function.

I'm hoping it is as easy as selecting a button to "hide" or make this user  ID "unavailable".

Thanks for your suggestions or reference to where I can obtain documentation on how to do this.


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