Kristin Lundstrum

Share your Canvas Commons "Roll-Out Stories"

Discussion created by Kristin Lundstrum Champion on Sep 28, 2015

Our institution just activated Canvas Commons. The technology department is really excited to bring Commons to teachers, but we would like to do some direct training before full implementation. There is a lot of great information in Canvas Commons and the Canvas Commons Roll-Out Kit, and we'd like to hear how other K-12 schools have introduced Commons to their teachers.


What went well? What was challenging?


This discussion is a branch of Canvas Commons Rollout & Faculty Training where one teacher kindly shared the following:

Ms. E. Keefe: I introduced them to Canvas Commons and they were really excited about it. Their number one request, and what I think you'd need to have some kind of place for it, is that after they do a search and find a potential lesson, they can't see it. You have to import it to view the content. They don't want to import it into their course without checking it out, so we have a specific Commons Test Course where they all can import to their hearts' content.


I'm looking forward to learning how other schools are doing with the new (and awesome) Canvas Commons.