Matthew Marcellino

abandon the ipad app - Just a thought?

Discussion created by Matthew Marcellino on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by Brandon Belew

As the IT Manager of a College of over 1000 students and a BYO notebook and ipad programs running now for several years I think that through out our last 18 months of canvas I have come to believe that any further development of the ipad app is a waste of development time and Canvas should move to refocus this precious resource to things that would make a difference.


The app is well behind the features of the browser capabilities and the user experience (which is the key to keeping them engaged) on the ipad with the app shows that the majority of students prefer using the browser


Utilising the browser on the ipad,

The user can experience the great efforts of customisation of the College branding.

Can access a lot more simpler integration with other applications such as office 365 - Onedrive and locating and uploading files.

You can concentrate on a single source of training documents.

features within the browser are easier to see, and get more from the product overall.

Teachers and students are aligned when different devices are in the same class and are able to use the same visual cues to move around the product.


Your thoughts are welcomed.