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Question Banks and Course Copying

Question asked by Heather Garcia on Oct 1, 2015
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Here's the scenario: I have a faculty member who set up her quizzes with question groups that pull from a question bank. When she copied her course into a live course site, her question groups reference question banks in the old course, not the live course site. She copied her entire course, so the question banks exist in the live course site.


My question is: Shouldn't the question groups reference the question banks in the course that they're copied into? In other words, shouldn't the course ID of the course and the question banks match? Navigation links are updated with the new course ID, so I would expect that these links would update too.


I did some troubleshooting, and discovered inconsistent results. When I copied the same quizzes without including the question banks in the copy, some quiz groups were empty, some included banks referencing the old course. When I copied the quizzes and included the quiz banks, some of the quiz groups referenced the new course and some referenced the old course.


Has anyone experienced this before?