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Assigning points to quizzes using question groups

Question asked by Kendra L Minor on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Kendra L Minor

I have a quiz that was created using a question group with 40 randomly selected questions from a question bank with only 38 unique questions. With only 38 unique questions in the quiz bank,  2 questions were duplicated, for example #23 and #40 and #30 and #39 are the same, worth 1 pt. Even with the duplication, a quiz was created with a total of 40 questions worth 1pt each, which would be a total of 40pts. The quiz is still worth only 38 pts. I am not sure why there are only 38 points for the quiz.


I created a few new quizzes additional quizzes with the same question group. One with 35 questions and the other with 45 questions using the same question bank. It appears that you cannot use more than the total number of questions in the question bank.


Any suggestions on how to assign to correct total? Would I have to go back and make the duplicate questions worth 2 points?