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Blacklisted Email Addresses - Notifications

Discussion created by Parker Jardine on Oct 2, 2015
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Hi everyone, we are experiencing several students and faculty members that have their official email addresses blacklisted by canvas.  Instructure cannot provide a report of everyone within our domain that has blacklisted email addresses. They apparently blacklist an address for 2 weeks, or you have to contact them to remove the address manually. They do this if only 1 notification receives some sort of error status when they send an email.  Here is what they have provided me in regards to error codes:


"status"=>"5.3.0", "diagnosticCode"=>"smtp; 550 Recipient not local.", "action"=>"failed"}]


Unfortunately, this does not provide the full bounce message that would include the date/time, email headers, etc. that would help us further troubleshoot this problem. We are experiencing no other email issues with any other email or cloud hosted solution.  Is there anyone else out there who is experiencing this problem? And what have you done to fix or troubleshoot the problem. Unfortunately, support has been sub-par in regards to troubleshooting their blacklisting policy.