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Immediate feedback to students like Word Clouds and Polls

Question asked by Brian Hutchison on Oct 1, 2015
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Is there any kind of feedback that can be given back to students immediately using Canvas, or some kind of app that can be installed? We are hoping to run an open online course and because there may be many students, it's best to have ways in which a student could get immediate feedback. In past courses, using EdX, we were able to use polling software that would automatically compile answers and give results immediately to the students, so they instantly got feedback, for example. The same was done with a word cloud, where students could put all of their words into a cloud, and it would combine them all and give feedback.


We aren't using the EdX platform, so we're looking at Canvas, but thus far we haven't been able to find anything similar to this. Canvas never got back to me when I submitted a formal ticket, so I figured I would try here.


Thank you!