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Unable to join quiz_submission_fact to quiz_submission_dim?

Question asked by Ruby P Nugent on Oct 7, 2015
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Please let us know if we are joining incorrectly, or is this a bug?


I expect these to be able to join to one other.  E.g. if I want to get a list of all quiz submissions that have been done, I should be able to see both when the user had finished the quiz (dim) and their score (fact).


But this returns an empty set:


SELECT * from quiz_submission_fact qsf inner join quiz_submission_dim qsd on qsd.submission_id=qsf.quiz_submission_id;


Thinking I got the ID wrong, I also tried this, which is also an empty set:



SELECT * from quiz_submission_dim qsd inner join quiz_submission_fact qsf on;