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Instructor cannot access TA-created collaborations

Question asked by on Oct 5, 2015
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I've not found any answers to this, hoping someone here can help.


A faculty member has started her first Canvas course. Her TA set up groups of students, and for each group created a Google Doc collaboration. The instructor cannot access these documents, even after being invited by the TA. Her words:

"(My TA) invited me to Collaborate on the Google Document via Canvas. When I click on the collaboration document in Canvas I simply get the message from Google Docs that I am not authorized to view the document. It isn't an error message in Canvas itself.  Yes, it is the same google account. And yes, this occurs with all of the collaborations.

My TA then went to the Google Document directly, not through Canvas and invited me to collaborate using Google and that works fine. It seems that granting access to a Google Document through Canvas does not grant permission (Canvas and Google Docs aren't talking....?).

We are now just collaborating on the Google Document as we would without using Canvas which effectively works the same way but with no "middle man"."


Are we missing something obvious? And is there a listing of "things a TA cannot help with" set up for higher ed folks?